What is a “maintenance wound” ?

A “maintenance” wound is one that is being held in a static, stable, or stabilized state. It is a wound that is not demonstrating evidence of improving (healing) nor deteriorating. There are two main types of maintenance wounds: (1) Those  where the wound is potentially healable, yet do not improve owing to difficulties with patient compliance/adherence, economic factors, social factors etc, and (2) Those where the wound is not realistically healable as the patient is too ill and has a limited life expectancy. “Wound Maintenance” should not be regarded as a failure as it also reflects that the wound has not deteriorated. Ideally, wound maintenance should be carried out in conjunction with optimized wound palliation (wound-related pain and symptom management), wound prevention (primary and secondary), while having regard for patient-centered concerns.


About drvincentmaida

Consultant in Palliative Medicine & Wound Management, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto & McMaster University, Researcher & Author.
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