“Best Supportive Care” – According to Whom ???

The expression “Best Supportive Care” is used frequently within clinical arenas pertaining to patients with “Advanced Illness“. However, its composition and philosophy remain nebulous and open to debate. This also depends upon the reference frame from which it is being defined. Nonetheless, from a purely “Patient-Centered/Patient Empowered/Family Focused” perspective, Best Supportive Care should include or exclude healthcare elements that are respective/responsive to patient’s wishes, values, and preferences, while remaining “evidence-based” and ethical. Thus, instead of using such vague expressions, healthcare professionals should facilitate informed decision making that allows patients to specifically articulate what they wish or wish to forego from the basket of services termed “Best Supportive Care”.


About drvincentmaida

Consultant in Palliative Medicine & Wound Management, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto & McMaster University, Researcher & Author.
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