Optimize “Wound Palliation” using TSAS-W

“Wound Palliation” (WP) is evolving as a key component of comprehensive Wound Management. WP is also referred to as “Wound-Related Pain & Symptom Management” or “Palliative Wound Care”. The only assessment tool that addresses Wound Palliation in ALL wound classes is the Toronto Symptom Assessment System for Wounds (TSAS-W). TSAS-W is modeled after the widely accepted and validated ESAS which is used to assess overall symptom burden among patients with advanced illness.

TSAS-W consists of ten eleven point NRS’s that assess the commonest symptoms generated by wounds. The summation of the applicable metrics equate to a Global Wound Symptom Distress Score (GWSDS).  For example, when assessing a fungating malignant wound, the metric for “bulk or mass effect” is applicable, while pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, or diabetic foot ulcers do not generate such a concern.

TSAS-W may be useful for guiding clinical practice as well as being a key for clinical audit and research.

TSAS-W may be downloaded from:



About drvincentmaida

Consultant in Palliative Medicine & Wound Management, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto & McMaster University, Researcher & Author.
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