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Palliative Chemotherapy-An Oxymoron

Advanced cancer patients worldwide are offered chemotherapy and radiotherapy under the guise and pretense that it is “palliative”. The majority of patients have virtually no idea what they are getting themselves into. The term “palliative” remains one of the most misused … Continue reading

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“Calling a spade a spade” – Palliative Care’s growth stunted by linguistic problems

At the International Congress of Palliative Care in 2010 an international authority made a bold, yet accurate, conclusion that the domain of Palliative Care has not made meaningful progress in the past decade. I was in the minority of attendees who complimented him … Continue reading

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MD’s must Stop “Deeming” patients “Palliative” !

To “deem” is to consider, hold an opinion, believe, think or regard. A classic example of medical paternalism occurs when physicians “deem” a particular patient as being “palliative”. Moreover, when physicians “deem” a patient as “palliative” it is generally when the … Continue reading

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Who makes a patient “Palliative”?

Despite the modern trend to promote patient-centered care and patient empowerment, it is shocking to witness flagrant examples of paternalism by physicians when THEY declare a patient to be “palliative”. In a truly patient-centered and patient-empowerment mode, it is actually the patient … Continue reading

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The Spectrum of Clinical Care: AAMM to CPM

Refer to my recent publication in BMC Cancer: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2407/10/592

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Misuse of the term “palliative”

The term “palliative”, especially when used in describing a particular patient is confusing, confounding, and misleading. It is frequently used in an euphemistic manner as physicians may feel uncomfortable in conveying “bad news” and employ terms that they believe “soften the blow”. The  … Continue reading

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